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Reach Local Customers With PPC Campaign

Targeting your pay per click advertising campaign (PPC) to suit your specific area means that any PPC campaign can be tailored to suit a small businesses. This type of marketing is sometimes called geotargeting and is available by using the features in Google AdWords.

This is the best option if you’re advertising is only suited to people living in your area. Geographical targeting means that you use Google AdWords to focus on a city. That way, only people in that city will see your advertisements when they use a search engine.

You’re now wondering why would anyone want to keep their ads from being seen. Let’s face it, if you only do business in the one city, clicks from outside the area will just cost you money without any chance of a return. If you need your ads to be seen in one city, and only that city, it can be done using AdWords.

There is a lot more to geotargeting than just isolating cities. What about someone who doesn’t live in your area, but plans to travel there on a holiday? This is a potential sale missed if you don’t take it into consideration. If your business relies on income from tourism, it would be an advertising disaster.

The way to deal with this problem is to use a locally targeted keyword list. This will help you include your ad in searches done by people who aren’t in town now, but want to know about the local situation where you are. You can modify the same types of keywords that would normally be used as part of a global PPC campaign to suit your local marketing plan. Just ad the area to the keyword phrase. That means that “car rental” becomes “car rental in St. Louis” or any other area you’d like to target.

This gives you a choice about targeting. Using a locally targeted keyword campaign also means that you can use other systems than Google AdWords, though they’re still a big sector of the market. Just about any good PPC system can use geotargeted keywords to make it clear who and where you want to market. Use both techniques together for greater effectiveness. You’ll find people who are more likely to become your customers.

There are a few things to pay attention to when you start to market like this. There’s no use promoting your goods to areas you can’t deliver them to, so stick to your original plan and don’t try to get too clever with it. Choose your keywords (and the areas you promote them in) wisely and satisfaction is almost guaranteed.

When choosing locally targeted keywords, it’s important to begin with a phrase that receives a large number of results. That way, when you restrict your results by adding in a specific local area, you’ll be assured of still getting some visitors. Check and track the effectiveness of every ad and every keyword or phrase to make sure your campaign is working as well as possible. A locally targeted PPC campaign could be just the thing your small business needs to expand.

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