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Common Mistakes and Solutions in SEO Keyword Distribution

Keywords distribution along web content structure is very important when you have finished keyword research and you have a bunch of classified niche. The aim of SEO Keyword distribution issues very simple concept. Distribute your researched keywords across the web content evenly and wait for search engine result. The principle of SEO keyword distribution is not quite simple and many individuals misinterpret the basic principle and get the fact wrong. Below i will give you some common mistakes associated with keyword distribution and some prescribed solutions:

1. Applying high dense of keyword and bunching them can give negative impact on your website which is known as SPAM. So when you distribute keywords in the content use common sense, make sure your content makes sense and it looks natural to search engine. If you dump bunch of keywords without any meaning it will be considered as SPAM and it will bring negative effect on your website.

2. Poor quality and lack of content both are very common problem. If you try to use all your keywords in such little content, it will seem you are trying to staff your keyword. The result is poor quality content. You can improve your content by re-writing, that can give content more natural look to search engine bots and visitors.

3. Highly competitive keywords can often expensive to target. For an example imagine the business you do not directly deal with very generic keywords, ‘buy cloths’, because it is very expensive to reach and your customer is focused on boutique dresses or boutique clothing. Does it mean you have to give up? Certainly not but where can you fit those keywords which make sense and keep the content natural? ‘FAQ’ and ‘About’ pages you cannot ignore. Using generic keywords on them properly will help you more to define product and they also represents valuable resource for internal link building.

4. Using long-tail keywords gear-up your website visitor. Place long-tail keywords in main body as well as post titles, distributed PR and relevant image alt tags allowing your site to appear for alternatives. Use variation of long-tail keywords.

5. Once you break down website structure and go deep into site, you can use keywords across the different facets. Make sure your site has keywords in

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