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Blogging is now going to be much easier than it was before. Everybody’s got an amazing device called “Computer”. “Computer” is a very smart device that gives you an opportunity to write articles, upload images or maintain your blog. It’s very easy and probably can’t be easier to be a successful blogger. All you have to do is have a passion for blogging. However, there is another smart device called “Smartphone”. However, I’m not going to talk about Smartphones. I’d like to tell you about blogging, WordpPress, Smartphones and how these three things are related to each other.

Automattic, Inc has created an application for Smartphones which lets you write articles, manage comments, edit content, upload pictures on your WordPress blog and many more. What do you need to blog on the go?

First, you really need to have a passion for blogging or at least like it. Blogging is a part of blogger’s life. If you have good ideas, thoughts or just something to say and show, your blog will be very popular.

Second, you need a Smartphone. A Smartphone is a mobile phone with a computing ability. If you want to know more, just visit Wiki, it has a very good explanation on it. Basically, Smartphone can access and properly display standard web pages. That’s all we need now.

The third thing is the most important. It’s WordPress. However, this WordPress software is different. It can only be installed on your Smartphone. WordPress for Android is an application that lets you do as many things as you can do on your computer.

Now you can write articles and post them on your blog where ever you are, and you don’t even need a computer. Blogging is going to be much easier with a Smartphone.


– It supports and self-hosted WP blogs.

– Good for quick updates on the road.

– Perfect for editing on the go.

– also good for reading comments.

– You will never need to shedulle blog’s posts again.


– It’s a very good beginning but needs more features.

– You can do more things blogging on your computer.

I hope that in the new version, we’ll see an update with more features but basically this is an excellent application for active bloggers. Follow the link ( to find more information on it.

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